Friday, April 29, 2011

Obscured Hairline

I've discussed this phenomenon in some of my reviews, but felt that it deserved further attention.  I've noticed that in the poster or box artwork for many of his recent movies, Cage's hair has been cropped or otherwise obscured.  Out of the 60+ films he's starred in, he is featured in the artwork of 44 of them.  I took those 44 and split them into 2 groups of 22.  The first group represents Valley Girl to City of Angels (1983-1998) and the second group represents Snake Eyes to Drive Angry 3D (1998-present).

The first group breaks down as following:
17 images show his hairline unobscured.
2 images show his hairline partially obscured.
3 images have his hairline totally obscured or cropped.
From 1983-1998, Nicolas Cage had an unobscured percentage of 77.3, which seems pretty reasonable.

The second group breaks down as following:
6 images show his hairline unobscured.
1 image shows his hairline partially obscured.
15 images have his hairline totally obscured or cropped.
From 1998-present, Nicolas Cage had an unobscured percentage of only 27.3.  What a big difference!

A quick look at other A-list stars of around the same age shows that their hairlines are visible far more often than Cage's.  George Clooney and Tom Cruise each only have a couple images in which their hairlines are obscured, and each time there is a good artistic reason why.  Both Clooney and Cruise are older than Cage.  Even young Cage's hairline was hidden more often than that of current Clooney or Cruise.

Apparently, the studios think that we don't know that Cage has a receding hairline or that he often has a ridiculous hairstyle in his films.  It's not like we haven't seen him in other movies.  We know what we're signing on for when we buy our ticket.  If they are so worried about his hair as a selling point, they should do something about it before the shooting begins.


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